Crews are working on bringing green to the area around the overflow.  This is part of the Dam Strong project.

View from the DamCam

A major part of the project is complete–the rebuilding the south shoulder.  Prior to the reconstruction, weakness threatened the integrity of the dam that could have caused a catastrophic loss of water, lowering lake level 2 1/2 feet or more.  The community came together, and through the Clark Lake Spirit Foundation’s Dam Strong project, this threat was averted. 

Now final touches are taking place. A concrete apron surrounds the dam to minimize dirt and debris flowing into the basin during storms.  Pads have been placed for the installation of Spirit Trail benches. 

The laying of the concrete and installation of landscaping are gifts of Mike McKay.  To review the names of those in the community who generously donated to the reconstruction project, please click here for the Dam Strong Honor Roll. 

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