Super fun returns to Clark Lake that will surely make up for 2020 when some of it was on hold.  A Clark Lake specialty is back—the Great American Crab Races.   

This highly popular event will once again be held at the Beach Bar, but with two enhancements.  Instead of the action taking place in the activity room, the races will happen outside on the patio.  The covered area will act as the staging location for the table.

The second enhancement are the dates.  In the past, the Crab Races started on a Sunday and continued through Tuesday.  This year, the event will start on Thursday, July 22, continue on Friday, and conclude on Saturday.  The Kids races will begin at 1 pm on Saturday.  The final regular races will follow on Saturday evening, July 24th. 

As always, you get to name your crab.  The excitement of watching your crab reach the finish line first will be intensified by the awesome prizes. 

The Crab Races will benefit the Clark Lake Spirit Trail, Napoleon Boosters, Napoleon Lions Club, and Columbia Programs.

Another milestone takes place this summer. The Great American Crab Races will celebrate the 30th anniversary.  It will also mark the 30th year that M-R Builder has stepped up to be the major sponsor.  Other sponsors include Country Market, B & B Hardware, Subway, and the Beach Bar. 

Kids Race from 2019

For early tickets, race sponsorships. and more information, call 529-9613.  For the sponsorship form, please click here

Events like the Crab Races don’t happen on their own.  Clark Lake salutes people like Linda Reynolds, Dick and Karmen Tallman, Angie Kerr Warner, Jason Breining, Ann Swain. Chris Holbert, Robyn Hall, and emcee Dan Omo. 

May your crab win!