The Governor has issued a new executive order that is effective through the end of April.  This latest order places more restrictions on activities.  Here are some that may be of particular interest:

After April 10, travel between two residences in Michigan is not permitted.  However, It is legal to “return to a home or place of residence from outside this state” or to “leave this state for a home or residence elsewhere.”  “All other travel is prohibited, including all travel to vacation rentals.”

For shopping, the executive order calls on stores to “explore alternatives to lines, including by allowing customers to wait in their cars for a text message or phone call, to enable social distancing and to accommodate seniors and those with disabilities.”  Further it asks stores to “consider establishing curbside pick-up to reduce in-store traffic and mitigate outdoor lines.”

From here, the order becomes for specific.  “For stores of less than 50,000 square feet of customer floor space, limit the number of people in the store (including employees) to 25% of the total occupancy limits established by the State Fire Marshal or a local fire marshal.  For stores of more than 50,000 square feet:  limit the number of customers in the store at one time (excluding employees) to 4 people per 1,000 square feet of customer floor space.” (See the order, included below, for more detail) 

The governor also directs that areas within a store be closed “by cordoning them off, placing signs in aisles, posting prominent signs, removing goods from shelves, or other appropriate means—that are dedicated to the following classes of goods:  carpet or flooring, furniture, garden centers and plant nurseries, paint.”

By April 13, stores must “refrain from the advertising or promotion of goods that are not groceries, medical supplies, or items that are necessary to maintain the safety, sanitation, and basic operation of residences.”

Residences can still “engage in outdoor physical activity, consistent with remaining at least six feet from people from outside the individual’s household. Outdoor physical activity includes walking, hiking, running, cycling, kayaking, canoeing, or other similar physical activity, as well as any comparable activity for those with limited mobility.”

Click here to review the order in its entirety.