Currently, it is illegal to operate a golf cart on public roads in Columbia Township.  Permitting them to operate lawfully on some roads took the next step last night (Mon 7/17). Golf carts are an ongoing discussion at Columbia Township board meetings.  The discussion has been centered on a working document, developed by the police department, that could be the basis for the eventual resolution to be voted upon and put into law.  To review the entire document, please click here.  Here are some highlights:

  • Golf carts to operate on roads with speed limit of 25 mph or less
  • Driver must have license, minimum age of 16.  Unlawful for the owner, parent or guardian to allow a person who does not possess a valid license to operate it.
  • Golf cart speed limit 15 mph
  • Must operate in same direction as traffic, and travel as near to the right side of the street shoulder as possible
  • Must obey signaling requirements
  • No operation from 1/2  hour before sunset to 1/2 hour after sunrise
  • Equipment – one headlamp, tail light ,and reflectors; exterior mirror; brakes and parking brakes; horn; VIN; safety belts; child restraint system; valid proof of insurance
  • No operation on any sidewalk or improved paths unless otherwise designated for golf cart use
  • Inspection required by Township

The inspection process has yet to be established, including a fee for the service.

The proposed penalty could be up to $500.  If damaged is caused, full restitution above the amount of the fine could be required.

It’s expected the resolution may be ready for a vote by the August board meeting.  Chief Jay Niles continues to work on this draft, indicating he has taken into account feedback received.  You can comment on this website, or email Chief Niles at

During public comment, Clark Lake resident Carolyn Nichols expressed her opinion about golf carts.


Roads at Clark Lake with 25 mph speed limits.

All roads in Columbia Township with 25 mph speed limits.


Columbia Township Controller/Deputy Treasurer Heather Peterson was honored at the board meeting.  In this photo, trustees congratulated her as she holds the award from the Association of Public Treasurers of the United States and Canada.