Currently, it is illegal to operate a golf cart on public roads in Columbia Township.  At tonight’s board meeting (8/21), trustees changed that by voting into law an ordinance to permit and regulate their use. This is not a new topic, and this website has covered it going back to 2018.   

The more recent process went something like this.  Board members asked Police Chief Jay Niles to draft an ordinance that would permit and regulate golf carts on Columbia Township roads where the speed limit is 25 mph.  At the next meeting, the draft would be discussed and sent back for changes.  This continued for months.  That ended tonight when the board accepted the latest draft and voted it into law.  The vote was not unanimous as you will see in this video.


After the meeting, Chief Niles commented on the ordinance in this video.


Here are some highlights.  To review the entire ordinance, please click here.

  • Must have a drivers license
  • Golf cart speed limit is 15 mph
  • Must comply with signal requirements
  • Must not operate from 1/2 hour before sunset to 1/2 after sunrise
  • While operating, must have one always-on headlamp and taillight
  • Must have a red reflector on each side and on the rear
  • Must have one exterior mirror on driver’s side and one interior mirror
  • Must have functioning brakes and parking brakes
  • Must have horn
  • Must have safety belts and proper child restraint systems
  • Must have minimal valid insurance and posses proof while operating on roads
  • Prohibited from sidewalks, improved paths or trails designated non-motorized
  • Handicap parking ok with permit

The Township will also require inspections to ensure that golf carts meet equipment regulations.  A sticker will be issued.  Owners can make an appointment with the police department, and an officer will visit the owner for the inspection.  The fee is $50 for a two-year sticker, $30 for a one-year sticker, and $30 for a replacement.

Through the draft ordinance process, the kind and amount of safety equipment was lessened. In this video, Chief Niles talks about costs.