What distinguishes Clark Lake are the creations of the community–like the building of the Spirit Trail, moving a 100-year old cottage down the lake, and most recently, crafting a beautiful new welcome sign that recognizes Trail supporters. 

Clark Lake is also distinguished by individuals in what they do in life, and how they shape the lake in their own way.  Tim Zacharias acquired a lot close to Eagle Point.  On the property of almost an acre, he built an attractive new home.  But that was only the beginning.  When it came to landscaping, he wondered what to do with the circular driveway. His business partner offered a suggestion.  Tim’s girlfriend, Susan Chapel, is an avid golfer.  So, when heard this idea, he knew it was the right answer.  In this video, you will see how it turned out, as finishing touches took place on Friday, November 6.

Tim Zacharias isn’t stopping with golf. The new garage, with its polished concrete floor and entertainment amenities, will welcome guests.

Behind the garage, Tim plans to build a bocce ball court.  Bocce ball history reaches back to ancient Egypt and today is called Italian lawn bowling.  It now makes it way to Clark Lake. 

A nearby cut-through, used by neighbors, will remain and Tim plans to build a path for them.

Tim grew up on Lake Somerset and attended Addison schools.  He always loved Clark Lake, and his nieces worked at the Beach Bar.  When the property at Eagle Point became available, he was delighted. 

Regarding golf, Tim is extending an invitation to neighbors to give his new adventure a try.

Video and story:  Rick Belcher