Freedom Fireworks will thunder again over Clark Lake.  The dramatic displays of colorful and intricate designs accompanied by earth-shaking roars and rumbles is set for Saturday, August 5th.  Ralph Mahalak Jr. and friends have made Freedom Fireworks an annual celebration – this will be year five.

In the past, Clark Lakers have helped support Freedom Fireworks.  To donate to the cause and help grow the show, write a check directly to the fireworks provider—Starfire Corporation, and mail to Ralph Mahalak, Jr., 6378 N Shore Drive, Clark Lake, MI 49234.  You can reach Ralph on his cell phone at (734) 735-1233.

With a 50-year track record, Starfire produces exciting professional shows nationwide.   To learn more about Starfire, please click here.

Freedom Fireworks will join other big events that weekend—Run Clark Lake earlier in the day, and Raft-O-Rama, on Sunday.

On July 9, 2022, Freedom Fireworks delivered its promised awesomeness.  Impressive only begins to tell the story on that summer Saturday night.  Intricate patterns shone brightly against the night sky and sound thundered to every cove and shore.  The lake was crowded with rafts and boats, each sparkling in their own way via their running lights.  Other Clark Lakers were on their docks and lawns.  All gathered to witness this celebration of freedom.  Here’s the finale from last summer.

Below are Diane Deming’s photos taken from the south shore, east end.  Notice the detail.  It’s amazing to think these formations were the outcome of an explosion.