Participation in the Kids Triathlon has been growing.  This fun event is for ages 4 to 13. Kids compete in running, biking, and swimming.

The Kids Triathlon takes place on Saturday, July 30th at 10 am. 

Dan Omo, who conducts the event, explains.  The Triathlon is totally free and will consist of a 100 meter swim, a half-mile bike ride, and a quarter-mile run. There will be 2 ages groups: 9 to 13, and 8 and under, with awards for each.  Registration begins at 9 am. All participants are required to wear a helmet during the biking and a life jacket during the swim regardless of skill level.

New this year:  After the Triathlon will be a child kayak, canoe, or paddleboard race for kids 8 to 13.   Racers will paddle a course, with awards given to the top three finishers. As with the Triathlon, registration opens at 9 am. All racers are required to wear a life jacket during the event.  Some kayaks will be available for those kids who do not have one.

If you would like to loan a kayak for those kids who want to race, please contact Dan Omo at 

After the kids, the adults have their turn to show off their paddling skill. Again, all racers are required to wear life jackets during the event.  Registration begins at 9 am.

This video from last year will give you an idea of what to expect, especially for parents or grandparents who think they have future competitors among them.  This is a true Clark Lake event, and the Clark Lake Spirit is on full display in this video.  Be sure to hear what Terry Scott has to say near the end. 

At the conclusion of the games, the competitors lined up and received their rewards.  Then it was hands in the air as the Class of 2021 celebrated.

The adults took part in the celebration, saluting the Class of 2021, also with hands in the air.

For the permanent Clark Lake record book, here are last year’s participants in alphabetical order:  Alexis Alkidas, Ashley Alkidas, Della Alkidas, Matthew Alkidas, Wyatt Broughton, Beatley Collins, Bentley Collins, Brenden Collins, Gabe Cooper, Jage Fish, Laylah Kimble, Lilly Kimble, Charlotte Lorden, Cooper Lorden, Cade Munro, David Munro, Foster Munro, Connor Ricker, Callie Schliever, Karen Snider, Nolan Snider, Benjamin Zielke, Jackson Zielke, Allie Zuzelski, and Luke Zuzelski.

Interested in seeing some stop-action of the competition?  Here goes. 

Kids played on the water slide after the official events concluded.  Below are photos of family and friends who were there to enjoy the day.


Events like these do not happen on their own.  The Kids Triathlon is the result of the joint effort of Raft-O-Rama and Clark Lake Yacht Club.  Dan Omo and the Raft-O-Rama team conducted the games.  The Yacht Club provided the hot dogs, refreshments, the waterslide, and of course, the venue.