Each ticket hold received this Clark Lake commemorative wine glass

The scene was picture perfect–a warm fall evening at the Clark Lake Community Center as a group gathered for the Fall Wine Tasting event tonight (Thursday 10/8).  This fundraiser is one of the ways the volunteers at the Community Center generate funds to maintain and improve this iconic Clark Lake landmark. The president of the Community Center, John Karkheck, told the group about plans to enlarge the footprint of the center to accommodate events such as weddings.  Such events require more space, and the goal is to be able to offer it.

The convivial group enjoyed an evening that featured tasting several different wines and a table of edibles designed to complement the wines.

Below check out of short video.

The event also featured a display of recently discovered historic photographs.  These pictures recount the building’s move from Kentucky Point to its current location at the County Park.

From the late 1800s through most of the 1900s, the structure served as a cottage for the Benjamin Graziani family.  Through a tremendous community effort, this historic house was preserved.  It was quite an engineering feat.  When moving it by land was not option, the next best idea was to float it down the lake.  And that’s what happened.  In future stories, you’ll be able to see many of these recently found photos that show how that was done.