Reminder:  The Garden Angels are busy creating Christmas wreaths to help you decorate for the holidays.  And these works of art are for sale.  You can pay in advance via credit card through the donation tab on this website, or pay cash at the pick up time—Saturday, November 27th, 9 am to 12 noon at the Clark Lake Community Center.  The donation is $50 per wreath.  If using the website method, click here.  Then use the drop down menu to where it says “I would like to make this donation to a specific fund—“Garden Angels.”

This is the Garden Angels’ one and only fundraiser this year.  With funds raised, these volunteers beautify the gardens around the Community Center, the Triangle (where North Lake meets Ocean Beach Roads), and around the Tom Collins marker at the Spirit Trail head. 

The video below was taken in the early hours of the wreath making activity this year.  

Clark Lake Community Center earlier this fall.