Clark Lake’s Garden Angels were hard at work Tuesday evening–in the rain!  Determination combined with their magical gardening skills are once again transforming the Clark Lake landscape at the east end. In these photos, the Angels are focused on refining their handiwork at the North Lake and Ocean Beach Roads triangle.  A year ago, they took it all down and started anew. And the results speak for themselves.  

Last year, the Angels created a logo for the lake in the form of a “C” and “L” overlaid.  This year, they raised its profile by bringing in a small mountain of rich topsoil so it’s more visible as you pass by. 

In addition to the triangle, the Garden Angels also cultivate the area around the Clark Lake Community Center.  In all there were eleven Angels working their magic Tuesday evening.  And here is a sampling of their work.

You can make a tax advantaged donation to the Garden Angels through the Clark Lake Spirit Foundation.  To learn how to help out via credit card, please click here.