As reported earlier on this website, Clark Lake’s Garden Angels are adding to their already impressive displays by transforming the triangle at North Lake and Ocean Beach Roads.  It’s one of the mysteries of life that something as unattractive as dirt can be coaxed into providing nature’s incredible beauty.  And the Garden Angel’s have a long track record of bringing that to life here at the lake.

Tonight (Tuesday 5/24/16), a group assembled to add more plantings.  Practically all of the existing foliage at the triangle has been removed.  According to Karen Bullinger “it was too infested with weeds like poison ivy and just overgrown–time to start over!”.  Karen adds “we were able to acquire new plantings at very favorable prices”, and so the group has managed to stretch donations and still achieve great results.

Garden Angels Karen Bullinger and Sue Tygh

Karen Bullinger and Sue Tygh working on the Community Center Gardens

As noted above, the Garden Angels are also responsible for the gardens around the Clark Lake Community Center.   Every year is another chapter in the beautiful history of this area.  People like the ones you see pictured are responsible and deserve our thanks!

Garden Angels at the triangle

Shelly Wilbur, Janet Seaman, Becky Owen, Ferne Kerr-Arnold

Below is a slide show from this evening.