Yesterday evening, three members of the Garden Angels began the seasonal transformation of the North Lake/Ocean Beach Road Triangle and the landscaping around the Community Center.  What will appear in just three weeks is amazing.  Below, check out a slide show of Sandy Simon, Trish Boyers, and Shelley Wilbur readying the soil for what comes next.  Just in case you need a reminder of what “next” is, some pics taken from similar locations later in other seasons tell the story.


A must for any garden is water, lots of it.  Sometimes the rain cooperates, but rarely on a schedule that flowers like best.  Last fall, work began on Bigger Blooms for Thirsty Plants–the installation of irrigation to the Triangle.  The old method of watering meant stretching a hose across the intersection.  Then, the Garden Angels had to brave the flow of traffic around the curve.  Bigger Blooms will mean more water and less risk.  The work is nearly complete, just in time for the commencement of the growing season.  The cost is being covered by a grant from the Clark Lake Spirit Foundation.  In this video, members of the Garden Angels explain why they love what they do, and how the new system will work and the difference it will make. 


A postscript from last evening. 

As Sandy and Trish cultivated the Triangle, a car stopped.  The occupants thanked them for their efforts, and gave them a donation for the Garden Angels.  Jackie and Mary Ann Daly asked that it be a remembrance of their brother, Ed, who passed.  

Pitching is built into the Clark Lake culture.  It could take the form of a donation or rolling up sleeves to get the job done.  It shows up frequently and in many ways, whether it be the Garden Angels, Spirit Trail, fun events like Raft-O-Rama, or the Community Center.