IMG_0086If you have driven by the triangle near the County Park recently, you might have wondered–what happened to the garden?

In past summers, the triangle where North Lake Road joins Ocean Beach Road has been a bright splash of color from the blooming flowers (see photo below).  But time has a way of changing things.  According the Garden Angels’ Karen Bullinger, the triangle became “overgrown and infested with weeds and poison ivy.”  So the Garden Angels are starting from ground zero.

The old growth has been removed in preparation for the makeover.  Rodney Mitchell brought in the bulldozer to spread new soil to ready the plot for the Garden Angels’ new plan.

Given Garden Angels’ past performance, Clark Lake can expect more magic is on the way.

IMG_0090Thanks to Mike Bullinger who forwarded the photos above.

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For a story about the work of the Garden Angels’ and some others that add to Clark Lake’s beauty, click here.  Below is a photo from two summers ago of the same area.

Garden Angels: N. Lake and Ocean Beach

Garden Angels: N. Lake and Ocean Beach