You can’t curb the Garden Angels enthusiasm for beautifying Clark Lake.  But the curb pictured below showcases the eye-catching views they create.  Recently, the Garden Angels had a concrete curb installed around the garden in the triangle where North Lake and Ocean Beach roads intersect.  Below, a before and after photo.

The Garden Angels gave a similar treatment around the flag pole adjacent to the Community Center.

The Garden Angels plant and manicure the area around the Community Center building, the Triangle at North Lake/Ocean Beach, and the Tom Collins memorial at the Spirit Trail head.

As previously reported, Dr. Lynn VanWagnen planted the triangle at North Lake and Hyde roads.  For many years, his project has added another beautifying touch to Clark Lake.  The flowers are now blooming as you can see below.

Lynn at the time of the spring planting.

Another garden with public views is along the fence at the Eagle Point condos. This garden is also in full bloom.

Dave and Sue Woodsum’s work bring smiles to anyone visiting the Point.