The cold snap did its trick.  According to a Clark Cup organizer, there’s six inches of ice as of this (Friday) afternoon.  That’s a green light to proceed with the east vs west hockey game tomorrow afternoon at 1 pm.  The east end, or Almeda Court, has the home ice for this game.  The visitors are Eagle Point, known to some as the “Narrows” or west end.  Whatever the names, it usually means fun is on the way.  The match will take place at the east end, near Ocean Beach Road.

This (Friday) afternoon, Eagle Point player Cody King was on the ice warming up.

What’s in store for the game?  Check out the video from last year.

Here are fans who came out to watch the action in 2022.

Eagle Point hosted in 2022.  Here’s a group photo taken after the game in the Eagle Point Cove.