Thunder will reverberate across the waters, shorelines shake, and skies burst into colors of intricate design Saturday night (July11th).  The Freedom Fireworks will launch at nightfall, probably between 9:30 pm and 10 pm.  The pyrotechnics will be under the control of Starfire, the same company that put on Mahalak’s display last summer.  This year will be different.  Instead of one launch barge, there will be two.  The purpose is to enhance the experience.

Ground zero will be similar to last year.  It’s important to stay well away from the launch sites.  That launch area forms a triangle from Eagle Point to Kentucky Point, and to the North Shore. Don’t get close, says Ralph Mahalak. 

To read more about Freedom Fireworks  and some of the people who stepped up to make it happen, please click here.

Late afternoon and early evening Saturday, keep your eyes on the skies.  Expect to see a plane over the lake that wants to be noticed. 

What’s promised for later is one fabulous show.    

Here’s a refresher on last year’s event.