Clark Lakers are joining the Mahalak’s to light up the skies on Satruday, July 11th.  Those who saw last year’s display are still in awe of it.  By positioning the barge between Kentucky and Eagle Points, there wasn’t a cove or place at the lake that didn’t feel the thunder and share in the celebration. 

Putting together this year’s Freedom Fireworks highlights the significant planning, infrastructure and cost involved.  The display will be engineered by Starfire, a professionally licensed operator with a solid national reputation. Requirements include obtaining permits and being adequately insured. 

The total cost to hire Starfire is $15,000.  The Mahalak’s have donated $5,000 as a down payment on the contract.  Given the benefit to the lake, the Clark Lake Spirit Foundation is currently accepting donations through this website and via check (see details below). 

As of Saturday, June 6, the additional amount needed for the show is $2,000. 

Here are the donors so far:

Stars & Stripes level – $2,500 to $5,000

  • Ralph and Joan Mahalak 
  • Mike & Janine Mahalak

Spark Clark Lake level – $500 to $2,499

  • Kevin and Christie Bush, II
  • Patrick and Kim Guenter
  • Mike and Teresa McKay
  • Michael O’Donohue
  • Jon and Annette Rozycki
  • David and Heather Russell
  • Arthur and Stephanie Sconochia
  • Richard Zecchino

Red,White & Blue level – $100 to $499

  • Jack & Bonnie Burns
  • Patrick O’Brien
  • Don and Kim Bills
  • Philip Hones
  • Cheryl Mack
  • Tracy Page
  • Terry and Cathy Scott

Big Boom level – up to $99

  • Greg and Mary Christman

Archie and Stephanie Sconochia have been leaders in helping with this effort. 

To make a donation via credit card, please click here.  Use the pull-down menu to choose “Freedom Fireworks”.  To donate by check, please mail to PO Box 224, Clark Lake, MI 49234 (write “Freedom Fireworks” on memo line).


1)      What if contributions exceed the amount needed?

Any excess will become part of the Foundation’s unrestricted account for the future benefit of Clark Lake.

2)      If the Foundation is accepting donations for this display, why not others?

The Foundation directors, after much discussion, voted to accept these donations because of the following. Starfire is a professional fireworks company with a national reputation and will fulfill important legal requirements.  They will obtain the necessary permits, are licensed and are adequately insured.