Freedom Fireworks returns with a big bang, filling the sky with intricate designs and colors. It will happen on a weekend no one will forget.

Freedom Fireworks will light the evening skies on Saturday, August 7th. Earlier on Saturday, participants gather to compete in Run Clark Lake.  Then the next day, Sunday August 8th, Raft-O-Rama presents its 60th anniversary parade and along with the extravaganza of activities associated with it.

The Mahalak family presented fireworks in 2019 that wowed everyone who saw them. By positioning the barge between Kentucky and Eagle Points, no place at the lake missed the spectacle. The next day Clark Lakers ran out of superlatives to describe the experience.

That show returned in 2020, and became the Freedom Fireworks. The timing was perfect. Everyone needed relief from the stress of the pandemic.

The presentation did not come without significant planning, infrastructure and cost. Ralph Mahalak Jr., and his family, organized the display. Their monetary support, along with other families and individuals at the lake, put a turbo on the action. 

Again this year, the Mahalak’s have hired Starfire, a professionally licensed operator that has a solid national reputation. Fans of the Toledo Mud Hens know what it’s like to watch one of their incredible displays.  As you may have observed last year, the fireworks were launched from barges, necessary for a display of this magnitude. Also required are acquiring permits and being licensed/insured. All of this comes with a price tag. Mahalak’s and friends have put together a good show for August 7th.  But you can add to the glory through your contribution

Given the benefit to the lake, the Clark Lake Spirit Foundation is accepting donations. Your contribution will be tax-advantaged, and the proceeds will be transferred directly to Starfire. You can make your donation via credit card through this website by clicking here. Then, pull down Freedom Fireworks from the menu (see example below). You can also write a check to Clark Lake Spirit Foundation with “Freedom Fireworks” on the memo line. Mail to PO Box 224, Clark Lake, MI 49234.

Once the $10,000 level has been achieved, additional amounts received will become part of the Foundation’s general funds to be used for the benefit of Clark Lake. This website will give notice when that level is reached.

Stars & Stripes level – $2,500 to $5,000
Spark Clark Lake level – $500 to $2,499
Red, White & Blue level – $100 to $499
Big Boom level – less than $100