Lighting up Clark Lake’s nighttime skies is a longstanding July tradition.  The Mahalak family brought in a display last year that wowed everyone who saw it.  By positioning the barge between Kentucky and Eagle Points, there wasn’t a cove or place at the lake that didn’t share in the celebration.   The next day Clark Lakers ran out of superlatives to describe the experience.

The presentation did not come without significant planning, infrastructure and cost.  The Mahalak’s hired Starfire, a professionally licensed operator that has a solid national reputation.  Fans of the Toledo Mud Hens know what it’s like to watch one of their incredible displays.

The Mahalak’s want to share this amazing experience with Clark Lake again on July 11th.  They have named the celebration—”Freedom Fireworks” and add “Spark the Spirit of Clark Lake.”   Freedom is a concept Americans, and Michiganders in particular, are yearning for now more than ever.    

As you may have observed last year, the fireworks were launched from a barge, necessary for a display of this magnitude.  Obtaining the permits and being licensed and insured are also requirements.  All of this comes with a price tag. The total cost to hire Starfire is $15,000.  So far, the Mahalak’s have donated the first $5,000.  Will this show once again become a reality?  You can make a difference.

Given the benefit to the lake, the Clark Lake Spirit Foundation is accepting donations.  Your contribution will be tax-advantaged, and the proceeds will be transferred directly to Starfire.  You can make your donation via credit card through this website by clicking here.  Then, pull down Freedom Fireworks from the menu (see example below).  You can also write a check to Clark Lake Spirit Foundation with “Freedom Fireworks” on the memo line. Mail to PO Box 224, Clark Lake, MI 49234.


Stars & Stripes level – $2,500 to $5,000

Spark Clark Lake level – $500 to $2,499

Red, White & Blue level – $100 to $499

Big Boom level – less than $100


1)      What if contributions exceed the amount needed?

Any excess will become part of the Foundation’s unrestricted account for the future benefit of Clark Lake.

2)      If the Foundation is accepting donations for this display, why not others?

The Foundation directors, after much discussion, voted to accept these donations with the following in mind. Starfire is a professional fireworks company with a national reputation and will fulfill important legal requirements.  They will obtain the necessary permits, are licensed and are adequately insured.    

Take a look at last year’s fun in this video: