Freedom Fireworks filled Clark Lake’s skies last night.  Rafts gathered around the epicenter bound by Kentucky Point, Eagle Point the North Shore.  All over the lake, spectators lined the shorelines to take it in. The video below paints a picture of the display, but experiencing it in person is the real thing. Viewers witnessed every color of the rainbow arranged in imaginative configurations.  Some arrangements appeared delicate which belied the method that got them there.  Others illuminated the lake as if it were midday through the brilliance of the flashes. 

Saturday’s weather was accomodating. The day was sunny and breezy with winds calming after sundown.  Late in the afternoon, two planes circled the lake towing banners. 

Like most events, Freedom Fireworks did not happen without considerable support.  Ralph Mahalak Jr. and his family led the charge.  Many Clark Lakers contributed, some through donations to the Clark Lake Spirit Foundation, others directly to Starfire, the fireworks company.  For more about the donors, please click here

Starfire loaded the explosives on two barges. At sundown, the Starfire team launched the barges at the west end site with the DNR, and fire and police departments on hand. From there, the barges made their way to the mid-lake destination. 

Video and photos:  Rick Belcher

For the Freedom Fireworks, Ralph Mahalak Jr. led the effort.  He’d like to thank the donors and all who helped, including these people:

Gary and Teri Schultz, Aspen One Hour Heating & Cooling
Stephanie Sconochia
Tim Zacharias, CR MOTORS in Adrian and Hudson
Godfrey Pontoon Boats
Bill Vinson, Krupa’s Boat Mart
Mark  and Leanne Melling, Melling Hi-Performance Parts
J P and Joanie Mahalak, Alfa Romeo Fiat of Winter Haven , FL
Brian and Dana Reicker, Tim Hortons
Danny and Sue Vuich, Danny Fine Foods

Ralph is asking for feedback.  Would you’d like a repeat performance in 2021?