Nine years ago the Sconochia’s started a new Clark Lake Fourth of July tradition.  They had just purchased a new raft.  Stephanie says her husband, Art, decided to turn it into an Independence Day celebration.  With grill onboard, they invited Oakwood neighbors to arrive by their own rafts and enjoy Freedom Dogs.  The gathering has grown over the years.  It includes more than hot items from the grill.  With the country’s fight for freedom in mind, the group stands for the National Anthem, and comments are made about what it means to be free.  This year, instead of a recording, a guest  sang both the National Anthem and God Bless America.

Preparation for the gathering took on another new element this year. The Sconochia’s gave each family a small bucket in advance.  They suggested tossing change into the bucket during the year for a good cause.  Who will benefit?  The Clark Lake Garden Angels for use in their work.  Stephanie says “they make things so beautiful.”  Upon hearing this, the grateful Garden Angels said they will use the $890 in support of the Pretty Pergola Campaign.  The Angels believe a pergola adjacent to the newly restored Community Center will enhance the setting in a remarkable way.


So, where do things now stand on the way to the $16,000 Pretty Pergola goal?  Click here for the latest on the Pretty Pergola Campaign, and a video of the Garden Angels describing the project.