It doesn’t take long to realize that Clark Lake is an extraordinary place.  Even ordinary moments burst beyond the everyday expectations of most.  Then there are Forever Clark Lake moments.  You see an eagle fly over the lake, an amazing sunset melts your heart, or the rainbow after the rain tells you that Clark Lake is the pot of gold. Phil and Christine Wier discovered one of these moments.  In a silent auction, they had won a ride in John Calhoun’s rare mahogany inboard—a 1940 barrel back.  This Chris Craft was lovingly coaxed back to life through many hours of his handiwork, and now graces Clark Lake in its 78th year.

In this short video, you will see the Wier’s encounter their Forever Clark Lake moment.  In the first few seconds, they cruise the lake in John Calhoun’s historic craft.  Then as they round the Point, a big surprise awaits that no one could have predicted. 

Video photography: John Calhoun
Still photography: Becky Consonni
Editing and text:  Rick Belcher