Ford Field 2023 did not disappoint.  Friends and neighbors gathered yesterday evening (Sat 8/26) for this annual South Woodlands event.  For this 10th year celebration, the weather couldn’t have been better.  The humidity from earlier in the day had dissipated. a breeze suggesting fall was in the air, and the soft glow of the sunset illuminated the venue as the festivities began. Later, large scale lighting brightened the scene as favorite band Sonic Fury played.

Smiling faces?  There were many.

Meet the hosts.

Kent & Marcia Ford and Candie & Andy Willbee

The party had help from a couple of Clark Lake’s trusty friends.  South Woodlands was still without power.

Over the years, the event has made possible donations of over $20,000 to worthy causes.

Let’s check out the archives for some blasts from the past.




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