Based on questions posed to this website about a previous article, here’s some clarification.

In an article about Monday’s Columbia Township Board meeting was a story about mask and vaccine mandates.  Phil Duckham is the Jackson County commissioner who represents Clark Lake.  As a courtesy, he appears at most Columbia Township Board meetings to inform them of relevant actions of County government.  As part of his report Monday, he told the Columbia Board that he expected Jackson County commissioners would vote not to require County employees to wear masks or be vaccinated.  On Tuesday, that indeed happened by a vote of 7 to 2.  As a result, there is no mask or vaccine mandate for County employees.  It does not restrict employees from wearing masks or getting vaccines.  

Phil Duckham noted the unusual amount of public comment at the meeting—an hour and half of it.  He said 85% of the speakers wanted the resolution passed that would ban the mandate.  

Below is a photo of Commissioner Duckham speaking at the Columbia Township meeting on July 19, 2021.

On a completely different topic, here is Clark Lake in the early morning hours today.