About 3:15 pm Sunday, January 7th, Fleet 58 took to the lake in spite of ice covering large portions of the lake.  Where to sail?  More ice on the west end, and less on the east end, narrowed the choice.

After removing the mooring stakes, Chance Winney and his father, Tony, headed out on the lake.

Chance says “I wasn’t going to let the January 1st skier have the last word.”  Words like that are a Fleet 58 mantras.  The original Fleet 58 pushed their Hobies thru the snow for the Ice Breaker Regatta.

Icebreaker Regatta at Clark Lake

Fleet 58 is set to increase the number of racing events in the coming season.  Expect to see Thursday evening races to begin in April and continue through September.

Chance Winney, and his father, Tony

At the Regatta in September, Chance described what he sees ahead for Fleet 58 and spoke about the fascination with Hobies.

Thanks to Pat Collins who helped with this article.