The holidays are over, and for some, a time to reboot. That could include how one looks and feels. Fortunately for Clark Lake, there is a path to self-improvement available now–and year around. Sally Lyons is leading that effort with her Sweetwater Yoga & Fitness Classes.

Sally brought yoga classes to the waters of Clark Lake during the last two summers. You may have heard of SUPYO (stand up paddle board yoga) or seen classes in action in the calm waters at the Township Park or Ocean Beach. Although new to Clark Lake, SUPYO has long been popular in California, Hawaii, Florida, and Aruba where it’s always in season.

At the conclusion of this summer’s classes at Clark Lake, Sally’s participants wondered about continuing beyond our last warm day. As Sally pondered the question, it was Jason Dunigan who suggested that yoga classes could be conducted during the winter at what is the Shipwreck Party Store during the summer. Sally concluded “this will work. It’s more than just a comfortable space—Eagle Point is an iconic location that means so much to the many who love Clark Lake. Eagle Point is very close to me—it’s where I was married and the Point figures into a lot of my family’s history. This is the site of the old dance pavilion, roller skating rink and hotel–I know this place must also be special to countless others. Mental outlook is important in yoga and holding classes at Eagle Point, with its beautiful views and storied past, seems so natural.”

sally lyons 2015 11-09

Sally Lyons on November 9, 2015

So why yoga? Sally is quick to list advantages. “It increases flexibility, improves posture and balance, helps build lean muscle and repairs injuries. As you focus on connecting mind, breathing and body, you forget about everything else and bring energy to yourself. Anxiety and stress flow out of you. The result is a wonderful calm that leads to a lower heart rate, reduced blood pressure and better sleep. And it leaves you with a smile on your face!”

Sally notes “An added benefit is how yoga leads you to healthier lifestyle choices. It builds confidence and self-love. If you’re not loving yourself, you are putting yourself at risk. I should add that self-love should not be confused with selfishness. Self-love is not about vanity, but about accepting yourself and leading a calmer life.”

The yoga class teacher plays an important role in successful outcomes. Sally went through a 200-hour course taught by Carrie Collins at Bhakti in Brooklyn for her certification. As Sally’s classes became more popular, she expanded her stand up paddle board classes to places like Lake Columbia and Maumee Quarry. With the need for a universal name, it was Carrie who gave “Sweetwater SUPYO” to Sally.

It’s clear Sally Lyons loves Clark Lake, and this Sweetwater SUPYO story is about a motivated and talented person who developed a career right here at Clark Lake that brings value to others.

Sally’s email is She can be reached at 419-509-3494. She offers both group and private sessions for all ages.

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