Once the most recent rain ceased, it left behind cooler fall weather.  No longer will simple summer wear suffice while out on the lake, as you can see in this photo taken this afternoon.  White caps and 54 degrees at 3 pm help tell the story. 

Rain that was missing in action during the summer made up for it this fall.  Here are some local rainfall statistics.  On the west end of the lake on the Eagle Point shoreline, Beth June reports 2.5 inches this week (rain gauge was emptied on Thursday at 5 pm, and began to fill again).


On the south shore of the east end, John Deming reports close to 3.5 inches since October 1st.  John notes that some evaporation may have reduced the total somewhat. 

Weather Channel website stats for Clark Lake show 2.74 inches of rain since October 1st, and 1.25 inches in the last 7 days.  Though the website indicates the readings are for Clark Lake, it does not say where at Clark Lake those readings took place.  They say Jackson’s October to date reading is 4.94 inches. 

For Clark Lake, the Weather Channel states October’s historical monthly average is 2.63 inches of precipitation.   According to their numbers, October to date is already higher than the average for the whole month.  

Clark Lake’s average high in October is 60, and 40 the low.  October to date, the average high is 81, and the low 47.  Will temperatures revert to the mean by the end of the month?  If so, prepare to shiver.  

Thanks to Beth June and John Deming sharing their rainfall data.