Fishing on Clark Lake in February?  Not unusual, but it’s normally done from a shanty on the ice.  Not so today (Sunday 2/28).  Ann Swain spotted a fishing boat in the open water around 5 pm and caught them in action.  No report if the fishermen caught anything.

AS fishermen 2016 02-28

Photo: Ann Swain

The clouds rolled in late this afternoon.  With the temperature hovering around 60, the ice is going fast.

Humans aren’t the only ones trying to snag a fish on Clark Lake.  Yesterday (Saturday 2/27), Jessica Tucker took these photos of an eagle making its attempt at landing dinner.  She said the eagle caught a fairly large fish, but dropped it.

JT eagle ! 2016 02-28

Photo: Jessica Tucker

JT eagle 2 2016 02-28

Photo: Jessica Tucker


Meanwhile, in celebration of a friend’s birthday, Dan Omo, was the second boat to venture on the lake on this February Sunday (about 6 pm), not too far away from where the fishermen were earlier.  All of this was at the head-of-the-lake along the Hyde Road shoreline.

AS Omo on lake 2016 02-28