Once again, you can get your instant Clark Lake fix on the New DamCam.   As before, the DamCam allows you to view the lake 24/7 365 anywhere in the world where you have internet service. Simply click on the DamCam navigation tab, and you’re there.  To enlarge the view, click the icon in the lower right of the picture.

When you view the New DamCam, you’ll notice the quality of the picture has improved markedly.  For those with a technical bent, it is a full 1080p.  It will also be possible for this website, provided by the Clark Lake Spirit Foundation, to focus on certain special events such as the start/finish line for Run Clark Lake or the Raft-O-Rama parade as it goes by the dam.   

It is because of Mike McKay that this has happened.  In addition to his many other contributions for the betterment of the lake, Mike purchased the new equipment and paid for its installation.  After the dam is repaired, the area around it will be landscaped, adding to the beauty of the Ocean Beach lakefront.  Mike is also donating that improvement.  The Beach Bar has generously allowed the DamCam signal to ride on their internet service at no charge.  Thanks are in order to both Mike McKay and John Collins.

John Collins, Peggy Collins, Mike McKay at the new Gear Garage

To quote the Beatles, getting to this day has been a “long and winding road.”  The old DamCam depended on a high power extender that took the signal from the pole to the Beach Bar where it linked up to the internet.  That was just one of its vulnerabilities.  The new system is more direct, robust, and less prone to outages.  Final adjustments may require the view to be temporarily offline for short periods over the next few days.

To view a video on dam infrastructure problems and solutions, click here.  In this video, the financial goal is met.