beach bar clockMichigan returns to Eastern Standard Time on Sunday at 2 am.  We’ll repeat the 1 am to 2 am hour.  The easiest way to remember which way the clock moves is “spring forward, fall back.”

Time has always been an interesting premise for books and movies.  From H.G. Wells “Time Machine” to the movies Back to the Future I, II & III, time creates the backdrop for whatever story evolves from it.

Time is also central to many hit songs–

Time in a Bottle” (Jim Croce 1973),

Time of My Life” (Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes 1987) 

Closing Time” (Semisonic 1998),

Here’s one that you probably haven’t heard.  It’s a mournful song about a relationship ending. It’s presented from the guy’s perspective as he suggests how time will eventually affect the departing. The title is simply “Time” and is sung by the Princeton (University) Nassoons. The entire song is a capella with some in the group performing the role usually relegated to musical instruments.  What adds to this performance is where it was recorded–outside in a muddy field. Anyone who has ever sung in a group or choir knows this was not their first take.