Twenty or more sailboats are expected to take part in the annual fall regatta at the Clark Lake Yacht Club.  Expect to see Rebels, Sunfishes, Buccaneers and Wayfarers all fight to be winners.  As eye-pleasing sailboats are from the shore, the intensity of the competition among the sailors and their boats tell a different story.  How do you win a sailboat race?  In less than two minutes, you can get answers.  View this short video and you’ll understand what it’s all about.


Sailors from all over will start arriving at the Yacht Club this evening (Friday).  The first race commences at 12:45 pm Saturday. First race on Sunday starts at 10 am.  How many races throughout the weekend depend on wind and weather conditions.

Here are some highlights from last year.  First, Saturday.




Who won last year?  Click here to review the 2017 results.

For how to enter, please click here.