Our first Fact or Fiction questioned the depth of the lake around Eagle Point. Some people who have grown up around the lake can recall a parent, uncle or other adult relative warning about the drop-off at the Point. “Don’t go swimming there, you could drown. It’s at least 80 feet deep and you could be sucked under.”

31% said that this was a fact
69% said that this was fiction

108 people registered their opinon

Eagle Point depth ps 2015 04-08So how deep is it off Eagle Point? The actual depth is far less than 80 feet. As you travel counterclockwise and round the Eagle Point drop-off, the depth is about 22 to 24 feet according to depth finders. As you move through the Eagle Point cove, the drop-off depth is about 30 feet. Of course, depth finders sometimes read the tips of weeds and do not accurately reflect the actual depth. In taking these measurements, it’s best to make several passes and look for areas where there is a minimum of weeds.  Accuracy is also improved when the bottom is surveyed early in the spring.

The numbers above are also substantiated by a DNR map. It’s not easy to read but it does cross-check the depth finder numbers.

dnr map

And about being sucked under? If you’re not a good swimmer finding yourself in suddenly deep water is not advisable. But there is no evidence of currents, a cave, or any other phenomena that suggests you could be “sucked under.’

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