Four gatherings marked social calendars at Clark this week.  Last night (Thursday), ladies gathered for a traditional fundraiser—a holiday wine exchange.  It’s also a community giveback.  The ladies use the occasion to fund help for a needy family.  This year’s recipients include a Brooklyn family with kids aged 19, 12, 3, and 8 months.

The organizers of the event are Dotty Karkheck, Cheryl Beer, Ily Lyke, and Susan Swierzbin.  They met in the Beach Bar activity room.  Meanwhile, at the very same time, men’s shuffleboard returned to action on the newly refurbished table in the restaurant.  Competition is heating up.  Stay tuned.  More on that coming up.

On Wednesday night, those who serve, got served.  The Clark Lake Lions Club, known for their good deeds, met for a Christmas dinner at the Eagle’s Nest.

Elsewhere at the Eagle’s Nest, it was lady’s night.  The ladies checked out the latest styles, popular menu items, and tried out temporary tattoos.