Election day is nearing–Tuesday, November 4th.  That may be stating the obvious if you’ve spent anytime viewing television or surfing the Internet.  But consider the following.

flag psMuch blood was shed and treasure spent to ensure our right to vote freely in elections.  So it makes sense to take this civic duty seriously.

It’s frustrating to go to the polls knowing how you’re going to vote only to find some names or issues on the ballot that are complete surprise and that you know nothing about.  For example, in this election there are some names that may be new to you.  Also, you will have to decide on two ballot proposals dealing with the hunting of wolves!  Elections do have consequences.  So shine some light on this by by taking an advance look at the ballot that you’ll see at the polls.  Click here to do that.  First, you will be sure that you are registered.  Second, you’ll see the candidates and issues on which you will vote.