speed clockAs reported on this website, Michigan State police recently performed speed studies on Eagle Point Road and Eagle Point Drive.  According to Columbia Township Police Chief David Elwell “the results are now known.”

The average speed of 85% of the vehicles clocked is particularly relevant.  Chief Elwell says that those reviewing speeds take this number into account in determining official speed limits.

The State Police speed data is now in the hands of the Jackson County Road Department and it’s expected decisions will be made soon. As this information becomes available, this website will report on it.

Driving conditions on Eagle Road and Eagle Point Drive vary significantly.  One stretch of the road from Jefferson to Lakeview is in a more rural setting.  As you pass Lakeview heading north to the point, there are more driveways and visibility becomes limited as you go up the hill.  Finally as you reach the point, there are the driveways for the busy parking lots of the Pointe Bar and Grill and marina.  Traveling east on Eagle Point Drive towards Hayes Drive, there is yet another circumstance–a stretch of gravel road, then blacktop, all in a residential setting.

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