Since 1999 Google Earth has archived satellite photos of Clark Lake.  Yesterday this website displayed the images with a story about them.  The view encompassed the entire lake.  Now here’s a more detailed look dedicated to one of the lake’s iconic locations–Eagle Point.  The images are dated April 6, 1999; no date 2004; May 31, 2005; June 2, 2006; July 25, 2010; October 31, 2011; April 3, 2013; and the latest–October 13, 2016

Here’s a repeat of the entire lake during the same years except for 2004.

Through the years, many at Clark Lake have remember with delight their recollections of Eagle Point.  It’s mentioned at least once in almost every My Clark Story.  Below is a slide show of views of Eagle Point through many decades.

Eagle Point is also spotlighted under the History Perspectives tab.  Here are direct links to some of those stories.  

Eagle Point in 1947 Dollars

Bill Leutz tells the Rollo Every story

An Eagle Point Wedding – B.J. and Sally Lyons

Clark Lake Players present South Pacific in 1963

As said, most pieces under My Clark Lake Story describe how Eagle Point became important to their lives.  These two pieces reach back many years in remembering the Point. 

Dr. Mary Bentley and summers on Eagle Point

Angela Ligibel tells of Eagle Point in the 1940s