Every spring, an unofficial race begins – who will put the first dock into the lake.  Last year, Mike McKay won.

It was February 19, 2023, and with the sun beaming down and 50 degrees in the breeze, Mike McKay’s photographic evidence (not shown) confirmed the deed. Later, snow arrived and so did Frosty.

This year the Dueling Dock award goes to B.J. Lyons.  The time stamp on the photo is Monday, February 26th at 6:48 pm.

This slide show shows what followed – a blustery Wednesday, February 28, and a beautiful Sunday, March 3rd.


A Clark Lake miracle is its clear water and how it is constantly refreshed.  Clark Lake is incredibly fortunate for this everlasting supply.  Some lakes depend on streams that flow into it, and what arrives with the water is not always good.  At Clark Lake, in addition to underwater vents are over 100 springs delivering their own kind of sparkle.  Here’s a look at some of them on this sunny Sunday.