Columbia Township Police executed a search warrant on June 4th, 2022 in the 7000 block of Cement City.  Police say Officer Keith Scrumpler collected sufficient probable cause, applied for a search warrant that was then granted by 12th District Court Judge Daniel Goostrey.  In the execution of the warrant, Columbia Township Police were assisted by the Jackson County Sheriffs Department, Napoleon Township Police and Michigan State Police.  

Police indicate a significant amount of evidence was located and seized.  Additionally, the evidence collected because of the search warrant produced probable cause to arrest several individuals as well.

On June 5th, 2022, the initial police report was forwarded to the Jackson County Prosecuting Attorney for review. As a result, 41 year old Jessica E. Stahl was arrested and charged on June 4, 2022 with the following: 

Jessica Stahl

Count 1
Controlled Substance-Possession of Methamphetamine
Felony: 10 years and/or $15,000.00
She has pleaded to controlled substance, use of, and is scheduled for sentencing later this month.  .

Officer Scrumpler completed additional investigation as well as forwarding portions of the evidence collected to the Michigan State Police crime laboratory in Lansing. The remaining portions of the police report was forwarded to the Jackson County Prosecutors officer on June 16th, 2022. As a result of the additional investigation and prosecutors review the following individuals have been charged and/or arrested.

Forty-five year old Thomas M. Smith of Columbia Township was arrested on July 15th, 2022, and is being held in the Jackson County Jail.  

Thomas Smith

Count 1
Controlled Substance-Delivery/Manufacture less than 50 grams
Felony: 20 years and/or $25,000.00

Count 2
Controlled Substance-Delivery/Manufacture-Methamphetamine
Felony: 20 years and/or $25,000.00

Count 3
Weapon-Ammunition-Possession by Felon
Felony: 5 years and/or $5,000.00

Thirty-eight year old Stacey L. Sigg of Columbia Township was arrested on July 15, 2022. Police note she had an outstanding probation violation pending, and is currently being held without bond on the probation violation.

Stacey Sigg

Count 1
Controlled Substance-Possession less than 25 grams
Felony: 4 years and/or $25,000.00

The prosecutor’s office has also charged 32 year old Keith M. Myers of Columbia Township with controlled
substance-possession less than 25 grams, a felony punishable by up to 4 years and/or $25,000.00. Currently
Keith M. Myers is being sought for this warrant.  Police describe Keith M. Myers as a Caucasian male, 5’11” in
height and approximately 160 pounds.  Keith M. Myers has brown hair and blue eyes. If you know the
whereabouts of Keith M. Myers, Columbia Township Police ask you to contact them at 517-592-3122.  

Keith Myers