Andy Willbee took advantage of the calm this morning to put in his dock.  Was it cold? “Not that bad,” said Andy.  Really?  With temperatures in the 20s last night, a thin layer of ice once again formed over much the lake. But that didn’t slow down Andy–or his dog. 

Photo: Rick Belcher

According to Andy, he wasn’t the first dock in this year.  “I saw one already across the lake.”  And for some, snow shoveling will have to come first.

Photo: Rick Belcher

About choosing this day, Andy notes “there might be a green beer waiting for me when I finish.”

Bill Leutz captured the result of last night’s chilly temperature.

And, from the west end perspective, Ann Swain photographed the lake under early morning sun.

Ann returned from a trip last night.  Looking out on this view this morning, she commented “I love to travel … but … returning home to this view, how blessed I am to live at Clark Lake. Life is good.”