As reported earlier  today on this website (Monday 5/23/16), the remains of a deer are anchored in about 8 feet of water at the east end of Clark Lake.  The carcass is floating about a foot below the surface, so it poses a potential hazard to boaters on the lake.

Columbia Township Police Chief David Elwell says that the department is working on a plan to remove it as soon as possible.  Until then, boaters beware.  The carcass is about 400 yards from the north shore.  Below see photos of two houses on the lake.  If you draw a straight line from one house to the other and estimate a distance 400 yards from the north shore, that will help you know the area to avoid.

Township Police were initially alerted to the problem by this website and through the story that was published earlier today.  Upon seeing the earlier story, one or more other concerned residents apparently contacted the police, as well.



South shore

North shore