Last night’s temperature plummeted to 7 degrees.  That brought about changes at Clark Lake. 

Yesterday, open spots on the lake broadened as gusty winds stirred the frigid waters.  It usually takes a lot of acreage for white caps to form.  But not yesterday.  Because of the wind’s high velocity and massive direction shifts, white caps were running into each other.   Then came this.  The winds died down overnight and the deep freeze commenced.  Most open spots were sealed over with a layer of smooth ice. Is it the kind of smooth ice that allows you to peer at the lake’s bottom as if looking through glass?  The answer will come when someone dares to walk out on it. 

Though no humans appear venturing out as of this morning, it’s a different story for geese.  Eagle Point has become the migratory rest stop.  Thousands of geese have been congregating there.  They have crowded on the green space around the marina, chose to tarry in the small amount of open water, or sit on the ice.  And make a lot of noise.

Bonus pics

Friday, the thirteenth started with a colorful sunrise.  Even if you face west, you can share in it. 

Then on Monday, the evening began with the sun’s colorful backdrop as Christmas began to illuminate the shoreline.

Photos: Rick Belcher