There is now new pavement in place signaling the completion of repairs to the Clark Lake Spirit Trail at the head of the lake. The section being improved is a portion of the trail that formerly was part of the old Cincinnati Northern Railroad bed. That includes the segment that turns east from the railroad bed and runs adjacent to the Post Office and extends to Hyde Road.

Trail repairOver time, the original asphalt in that area was heavily damaged by constant freezing and thawing every winter, exacerbated by poor drainage. Post office vehicles accessing the parking lot was also a contributing factor.

The Spirit Trail committee voted to repave.  Once the digging began, it was clear that drains must be installed under the pavement in that area. The wet soil was replaced with processed gravel and has been finished with concrete.

The Clark Lake Spirit Trail is a volunteer effort. Most maintenance is done by volunteers. Construction projects are supported by fundraisers and donations from people like you. Tax free contributions can be made through the Clark Lake Spirit Foundation either by check at PO Box 224, Clarklake, MI 49234 or via credit card on this website.