It’s December 15th, a nice day for a sail, right?  That’s what Chance Winnie; his father, Tony; and brother, Ian Buckley, thought.   Their boats are at the Yacht Club, so that’s where they launched from.  Chance says “we didn’t have a lot of wind, so we stayed at the east end of the lake.”  That’s when Yacht Club neighbor Pat Collins captured the moment.

Chance says he is aiming to make December 23rd a sail date.  “When the air temperature is warmer, experiencing a little water is tolerable.”

Fritz Wilger, on the north shore, east end watched them from his vantage point.  Later, he caught Clark Lake in one of its remarkable sunset moments.


If you followed the Yacht Club Regatta this fall, you know the resurgence of Hobies is having a big impact.  Check out this video recorded at the Regatta.

Fleet 58 sailors of Clark Lake’s past will tell you they couldn’t wait to be on the lake.  This photo is of the Icebreaker Regatta.

Icebreaker Regatta at Clark Lake

Then there’s this from December 11, 2015 – B.J. Lyons in his Boston Whaler, Eagle Point to his aft.  It’s a toss up if the lake will ice up or be open water in December.