This website has two cameras operating 24/7 to give viewers a look of both ends of Clark Lake—the DamCam at the east end, and the Spirit Cam, at the west end.  The electronics that make it happen are complicated.  So, it’s no surprise that they need some human intervention from time to time.  But a fix to visual clarity is sometimes as simple as a ladder, a bottle of Windex and a clean rag.  Thanks to Flip Reynolds for climbing a ladder and improving our look of Clark Lake at both locations.


The cameras provide a view of the lake from wherever you might be in the world.  All you need is an internet connection.  It has allowed people to watch Raft-O-Rama entries as they traverse the shorelines, Run Clark Lake at the starting line, boaters on a busy Sunday, a snowstorm in January, hockey games in February, and leaves beginning to appear in the spring.

The original DamCam was installed as this website first went online in 2013.  Thanks to Mike McKay who paid for the equipment and installation.  Mike stepped up again when the original camera was retired , and a new, technically superior one took its place. When it became possible to locate a camera to view most of the west end of the lake, Mike wrote a check to cover that, as well.

Others are involved.  They also deserve thanks—John Collins of the Beach Bar where the DamCam is hosted.  For the Spirit Cam, thanks go to the Columbia Township Board and Police Chief Jay Niles.  Former Chief of Police David Elwell  arranged for, and installed the Spirit Cam and tirelessly worked through the technical details.  Without all of the enthusiastic support of these individuals, and a few more, we wouldn’t enjoy the live 24/7 views of beautiful Clark Lake.