Thursday started with an awe-inspiring sunrise.   Thanks to Nancy Gass,  who captured it from her Oakwood location.

A brief thunderstorm was accompanied by flashes of lightning overnight.  It included a brief downpour that freshened everything in its path.  Once the westerly breeze stirred the waters, one of Clark Lake’s favorite attributes occurred–the sweet aroma of wind touching the waves in a atmosphere cleansed by the change in weather.  Fast forward to the 7:05 pm when a quick burst of rain swept across the lake.  Those eating on the deck at the Pointe huddled under the umbrellas or headed inside. 

With sun still shining brightly, conditions were right for a rainbow, and Bill Leutz captured it here.

There were only a few clouds in the sky as the sun headed for the horizon.

After the sun dipped behind the landscape, a closer view reveals the richness of the hues surrounding the sun.

A few minutes later…

To sample the feeling of the moment, here’s a short video that starts at the water and takes you upward.