Next time you look at the DamCam, check out the new, more expansive view.  The docks that are very close to the dam on both sides are now out of the lake, and that allows for a wider look at the lake.  The wide-angle adjustment will make it possible to get a better picture of when the lake freezes, how high the waves are, and the wildlife that hang out around the dam in the winter.

Regular viewers of the DamCam are probably aware of the occasional down time experienced over  the last couple months.  A major link in the chain that gets the image to your computer has been replaced with a  newer, more reliable version.  That should improve performance, although events like Sunday’s widespread power failure due to the storm are hard to avoid.

If you viewed the DamCam this afternoon, you probably spotted the dock piece that was trying to make its way over the dam.  Anyone looking for part of his or her dock?