The promised greening of the dam is happening!  Wilcox Lawn and Landscaping placed the sod around the concrete areas of the dam basin this week.  They also installed an irrigation system that you will see in action as Mike McKay attempts to stay dry.

Video by Rick Belcher

Big thank-you’s are in order. 

Rescuing the dam’s infrastructure from failure was made possible through donations to the Dam Strong project at the Clark Lake Spirit Foundation.  To review the Dam Strong Honor Roll, please click here.

Now both north and south shoulders have been rebuilt, eliminating a threat that could have lowered the lake level by two and a half feet or more. Bill Bendele’s construction team began work on the south shoulder last fall.

It is Mike McKay’s vision of how the finished work could look that brought about today’s amazing appearance makeover. Not only did he work out the design, but also underwrote the cost of laying the concrete apron around the basin and the cement platforms that will support the Spirit Trail benches. 

The four Spirit Trail benches are currently under construction.  They are also being donated by Clark Lakers, and there will be an update on this part of the project soon.

Wilcox Lawn and Landscaping donated the sod and its installation, as well as the plantings along the south boundary. The irrigation system they installed will give the new landscaping a fighting chance, regardless of the weather.

The Beach Bar’s John Collins, has volunteered to have the grass mowed.  That’s no small feat when you consider that mowing will involve navigating around the Spirit Trail benches. John has also donated the bike rack located along the east edge of the basin. 

This is a project of the Clark Lake Spirit Foundation.  It’s part of the mission to Stand Up for Clark Lake.  As you can see, many came together to support and collaborate on this project.  It’s truly evidence the Clark Lake Spirit is alive, well, and more vigorous than ever. 

Below, a view from the DamCam earlier this week, with the Wilcox crew in action.