Work is proceeding on the next phase of the Dam Strong project.  Concrete will be laid around the dam to cut down on dirt and other debris that might find its way to the basin. Four concrete pads are being created that Spirit Trail benches will rest upon. 

A crew from S T Walker Concrete is putting the forms in place and pouring cement today.  You can watch this happening in real time by going to the DamCam via the main page of this website.

Future steps include laying sod in areas now bare, and erecting a fence on the south side of the shrubbery.  

Through donations to the Dam Strong project, the weakened south side of the dam was fortified in 2017.  In 2012, a similar rebuild took place on the north side. Both were under the auspices of the Clark Lake Spirit Foundation, a 501c3 that benefits Clark Lake.

The laying of the concrete and surrounding landscaping are gifts from Mike McKay.  The four Spirit Trail benches and dam reconstruction are made possible by donations to the Dam Strong project.  To review the Dam Strong Honor Roll, please click here.

This video tells how the dam was threatened, and how the community came together to save it.