Bendele Construction, working with Andy Anderson, poured concrete today as the Dam Strong project goes forward.  Weakness of the dam’s south shoulder could induce catastrophic failure, causing the lake water level to drop two to four feet.  The Clark Lake Spirit Foundation, with support from the community, is underwriting the Dam Strong project to ensure the dam’s integrity.  Check out today’s activity in the 60 second video below.

Mike McKay, who has taken an important role in this project, commented “the pour went well and the crew will inscribe the 2017 date on it, just as the year 2012 was imprinted on the north side.”  As the seasons permit, more work will be done to enhance this Clark Lake icon.  Mike is paying for landscaping around the dam so “people on a bike ride can stop by and enjoy the view.”  Spirit Trail benches will be placed around the area, inviting cyclists, walkers and runners to do just that. 

The Dam Strong project was made possible by generous support from the community.  Click here to read about the Dam Strong Honor Roll.

Video and story by Rick Belcher.